Is it possible to create such a system that would systematically develop each employee based on his/ her specific needs? We want to prevent situations when an employee is sent to three different trainings with a very similar content within one year.

Yes, this is one of the prerequisites of every long term employee education system that should be efficient with measurable and conclusive results. Without a systematic approach, the effectiveness of funds invested into trainings as well as employee motivation to actively participate in them is decreasing rapidly.

 In order for a company to stay competitive in today´s dynamic environment, it has to ensure its employees are constantly educated and developed.  Their education and development should be measurable with the possibility of evaluating the progress achieved.
Due to our long term experience in this field, we offer the following services:

  • creation and implementation of a long term employee education system backed up by up-to-date educational models
  • regular monitoring and review of the system based on the  changing needs of the company
  • set up of processes measuring and evaluating progress of individual employees
  • execution of courses focusing on a wide range of general as well as expert knowledge and skills, with the involvement of our large network of experts
  • search for opportunities to use grants to finance these activities followed by the creation of project applications



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