Is there a way  to improve the economic results of a company without major investments?

Yes, one of the ways is by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company and individual employees, which can be done by means of personnel, organizational or motivation audit. These will recommend  key positions within the company to be held by the most qualified employees, thus increasing the company´s ability  to better utilize new opportunities.

The company must be able to efficiently use available resources and convert them into products including a certain added value. The company must be flexible in reactions to market changes and adjust to them, both cost and revenue-wise.

Professional management of accounting agenda can help decrease not only current operating expenses, an error rate and repetitive changes of various documents and reports. Personification of reports obtained from accounting data enables management to work with more quality background documents, which helps them in the decision making process and saves them the time necessary for document orientation.

Our company offers services in the area of  organizational cost and revenue economic optimization, as well as  complete accounting agenda management. Both these services are offered separately or as part of a product package. The packaged option takes full advantage of the synergistic effects of both services and the client gets maximum care. On a long term basis, we offer namely the following services:

  • Analysis of personnel cost effectiveness with a recommendation of changes leading to an increase of work productivity with constant cost or a decrease in cost with constant productivity
  • Analysis of the function of individual departments/branches - through a mystery shopping method we will evaluate the function of a branch towards the customer, we will analyze the generated revenue and review whether the expenses spent on this branch are adequate to the performance. We will recommend and implement corrective measures.
  • Assistance with the creation and realization of a marketing strategy in order to be effective and targeted with an impact that is measurable and efficient when compared to the expenses
  • Complete personnel agenda outsourcing, including payroll management and tax optimization
  • Consultancy on the process of mid-term and long-term strategic plan creation in line with the company vision

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