Is there a way  to avoid legal proceedings with employees, as it is very difficult to estimate the result?

Yes. Through a thorough preparation of internal documents, namely employment contracts and internal regulations, and through their acceptance by the employees confirmed by a signature, it is possible to establish a clear set of employee rights and obligations that prevents costly legal proceedings.

In today´s dynamic world, when companies are becoming business partners while sharing very little information, it is essential to be ready for potential complications that may arise in the course of business relations. Therefore, it is important to have well prepared business contracts, terms and conditions. Long term success is also conditioned by setting up the same strategy towards employees through adjustments of employment contracts and preparation of internal regulations clearly defining the rights and obligations of individual employees, thus preventing potential labor law proceedings.

We offer you the services of our experts in the following areas:

  • creation and implementation of internal regulations, their communication to employees
  • amendment of employment contracts in line with the latest trends and as per the needs of the company
  • preparation of background documents for the creation of quality business contracts with suppliers/customers
  • solution of particular problematic situations within the labor law and commercial law

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