I have been working in this field for 20 years, does it make sense for me to participate in a professional conference covering themes I know and  understand?

If it is a small scale conference, where you can express your opinion and listen to the opinions of your colleagues from the same filed or from companies with a different focus, where the presenters and moderators are real experts within the field, your participation has a number of advantages for you. The conferences always focus on news within the field or even on planned changes, therefore your participation will help keep you on top within your field of expertise and at the same time you can listen to the  opinions and experiences of your colleagues from other companies, which may help you get a slightly different, innovative point of view and even improve the way you handle these issues within your company.

In today´s overloaded information environment, it is important to keep an overview of the current situation and happenings within the business your company does. In the case of events that are related to you in a way; e.g., a change of legislation, tax adjustments, it is important to be informed about such changes in the shortest possible time and by a source that guarantees the veracity of such information. There is nothing worse than a decision made on the basis of incomplete or inaccurate information, which will negatively impact your company.

Therefore, we organize small interactive conferences or workshops in our premises, focused on basic topics (e.g. changes in labor or commercial legislation). The presenters are real experts within their fields. The main features of our conferences are the following:

  • high professional experience of our  expert presenters, including e.g. judges
  • possibility of sending questions in advance, during the conference, they are answered by the presenters in a discrete way
  • small scale of the events, which enables all participants to get actively involved in the discussion
  • inviting ambience, hi-tech conference equipment ensuring a smooth running event
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