We would like to execute a particular project proposal. We think we might get an endowment from  EU funds; however, we do not have employees that would have the time and qualification to study the complex conditions and prepare the project application. Is it possible to hand this over to experts?

Yes, we can go through the project proposal with you and evaluate to which extent it is compatible with current grant opportunities, and if need be, to adjust it so that it would comply with all necessary criteria. Then we will transform it into the requested format and once approved by you, we will submit the final application.

We start our cooperation with an opening consultation, where we identify the goals of the company and planned future investments. We find out further information necessary for a thorough analysis as well as current grant opportunities that would be most suitable for the company.

Our specialists focus on a wide range of grant programs, from employee education and development programs through projects related to building construction/renovation to healthcare grant programs. We guarantee a professional approach throughout the entire period of the project execution.

We remain your partner even after a successful approval of the project. We will be happy to organize a complete management and execution of the approved grant projects.

We offer:

  • identification of grant opportunities, consultation regarding the possibility of executing the project proposals within the endowment title 
  • preparation of background documents necessary for creation of the final project application
  • completion of all necessary attachments as required for each call for grant proposal
  • preparation of formally faultless application and its submission
  • monitoring of the approval process, responses to possible requests for amendments
  • administration of the whole project until successfully finalized

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