We have been successful in getting the grant project approval; however, our project team members do not have experience in the administration of such a project, even though they are experts in their respective fields. Is there a possibility to outsource the project management administration under reasonable conditions?

Yes. We offer† complete project management outsourcing of an approved grant project based on the valid documentation. Our aim is to set up the contractual conditions in such a way that they represent a minimum burden to your company. If the approved project includes funds which can cover our remuneration, we will primarily use these funds.

Our company is able to take over the project management regardless of the project phase. We will† acquaint ourselves with the background materials and together† we will plan and manage the project execution so that it progresses without any problems from the administration point of view.

In regards to† project management and execution, we will ensure the following services:

  • completion of background documents necessary for the grant contract signature
  • successful project initiation†- creation of contracts with the execution team, preparation of tender procedures, elaboration of the project initiation report
  • preparation of materials for the project process†- attendance sheets, employee agreement forms ...
  • publicity and project promotion, communication with the grant authority
  • creation of monitoring reports and payment request forms
  • creation of the closing report and project evaluation
  • preparation of documents for the required ten-year archiving

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